Jewels Psychic Medium

Jewels Hirsh Psychic MediumJewels is a professional Psychic Tarot reader, Psychic Medium, certified Hypnotherapist and certified Usui Reiki Master with over 23 years of professional experience. ​

Her experience includes Psychic readings at many locations including parties, Psychic fairs, the Illuminate Festival, and popular resorts in Sedona, Arizona and southern California. In addition, she performs daily phone readings via a popular Psychic hotline.

Jewels has private clients from around the world.

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“What can I say about Jewels? She is:  Bright, Beautiful, Gifted, Honest, THE REAL THING!  I found Jewels on a website, and could FEEL her bright spirit.  Her readings are SPOT ON, and she conveys her messages with heartfelt warmth.  I highly recommend her if you are seeking to know more about yourself, confirmation about things “you’ve been feeling”, and about what may come.  You will not be disappointed!”

Thalia K.

“I have been getting readings from Jewels for over ten years.  Whether the reading is good news or bad, she delivers it with kindness.  She is not only my reader but has become a wonderful friend.  She is the best!”