Mediumship & Psychic Readings

What to Expect

Her primary tool is Tarot. Before she shuffles her cards, Jewels sends out a protective energy to surround her client, silently calls in their angels & guides and all who are connected or involved in the situations asked about.

As Jewels shuffles the cards, she quietly tunes into the person she is reading for while words, messages, feelings, and visions come to her. Sometimes even before she places each of the cards down she gets strong impressions and may share them with her client.

While reading the cards drawn, Jewels combines her psychic empathic abilities and energy work allowing for the reading  to flow easily and unfold naturally.

When doing mediumship readings, Jewels forgoes tarot cards and quickly tunes into loved ones who have passed . Sprits communicate to her through messages, visions, words and feelings.